Library for Chilren at Home

Do you have a library for your children at your home?

The best way to help children learn the joy of reading and become motivated
to read is to have good books available and to read to your children often.
Children need many opportunities to look at books to hear stories, and to see
adults using and enjoying books.

Nothing is more important than to create the desire to read books and having
a good library area in your home is critical to creating this desire.
A library area of your home can include decoration such as displays of book
and animal posters, alphabet posters, or laminated book covers. It could also
include a listening center with books on a cd player or phone device, and
puppets & props for storytelling.

Look for literacy word games or check on the internet on how to make your
own word games with your children. Have fun with words and stories and
your children will grow up learning to love them too.

Library for Chilren at Home

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