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Here is where you will find coloring pages, stickers, books, & websites that Zeepia likes and recommends for young people & their caregivers!

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Here is where you will find the artwork of young people that Zeepia likes and talks about why we like it!

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Here are several examples of children’s artwork based on their making a personal face mask then adding on found materials from the Hawaiian forest to add color and character to the representation.

This delightful rendering of a forest tree with a friendly face was created in watercolors during a forest camp experience. The artist was 9 years old and was able to create not only the delightful character but also a realistic background of the Hawaiian sky.

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Here is where you will find awesome & practical ideas of things you and your children can do to increase your understanding of both Vietnamese and English culture and language. Please take our family media survey. 


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The Eye of the Lion

Here is where you will find the way you can contact Zeepia

and join other members in the life long learning process of

cultural understanding through the language arts! 

Here Is Where You Will Find The Way You Can Contact Zeepia

And Join Other Members In The Life Long Learning Process Of

Cultural Understanding Through The Language Arts! 

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